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Protection Products

We work with clients to integrate the flow of the customer experience across channels (e.g., face-to-face, online), opening up new lead sources, supporting sales for smaller-value transactions, and creating new models for service. We continuously provide new and practical perspectives on the evolving.

** It is the duty of the consumer to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation to the insurer.

Mortgage Protection Mortgage Life Insurance

When you have your home, you want to make sure that if an unforeseen event happens, that your family, your home and its contents are protected, and that you and your family’s current lifestyle can be maintained.

This is something I can help with by working with you and within your budget to help protect what is most valuable to you.  We offer life insurance, critical illness, income protection, unemployment cover and buildings and contents.

Life & CI Life Cover and Critical Illness Cover

Life assurance is extremely important, particularly if you have dependants. It is designed to pay out should you die during the term of the policy.  The amount can be to cover debts, for example your mortgage.

You can also take out a policy to help protect your family’s standards of living which would cover things like their day to day expenses, help towards university fees etc.

Policies can also include critical illness cover.  The aim of this is to pay a sum of money on diagnosis of a specified critical illness.  This could be used for things like repaying some or all of your mortgage, making modifications to your house, and opting for private treatment.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions apply.

Income Protection Income Protection

Each year one million people in the UK find themselves unable to work due to a serious illness or injury. Income protection insurance is designed to give you some cover if you can’t earn an income for those reasons.

Income protection insurance is a long-term insurance policy designed to help you if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.  It pays a regular amount into your account until you are either able to return to work or until you retire.  Some policies also include additional extras such as help with rehabilitation, allowances for overnight stays in hospital and fracture cover.

Whole of Life Whole of Life Cover

Whole of life insurance is a type of policy that guarantees an insurance provider will pay out a lump sum to your loved ones when you die, rather than within a fixed time frame. This cover is often called whole of life assurance.

Whole of life insurance will last as long as you do, while level term insurance will only last for the set period that you decided on when you took out the cover. Whole of life insurance can be a valuable benefit to your loved ones, because it guarantees a pay-out.

Whole of life insurance cover can provide stability. On the other hand, if you pass away after your term life insurance contract, there will not be a pay-out. Whole of life insurance cover is generally more expensive than other policies, which is why many people choose level term life insurance.

Business Protection Keyperson / Shareholder / Partnership Protection

Businesses may want to protect the key directors and employees within their firm – perhaps the key salesperson, or the IT manager without whom the business will not function properly. Keyperson / shareholder / partnership protection can provide a fixed sum should the individual be unable to work, or even die.

The benefit will be designed to cover the firm’s expenses in meeting any emergency costs, recruiting a replacement employee and protecting the future of the business.

If a shareholder were to pass away, the firm’s remaining shareholders or directors may want protection that enables them to purchase the deceased’s shares from their estate promptly to maintain control of their business. The same scenario also applies to partners in a firm.

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